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We are aware that the School website is often the first source of contact for those looking for more information about St Francis. We have therefore decided to upgrade our website so that we can be more creative in terms of layout, font and photos! Please be patient with us!

We have had a busy Spring term with our Work Awareness Programme in the Senior School.

Early Years have had a great time learning about growth. They have watched how eggs are incubated and seen the chicks come out of the eggs.

Juniors have had fun learning about space.


The Lower Seniors have visited many local places to discover and experience what it was like to live during the Second World War.

The Upper Seniors and JCH have worked hard to complete their ASDAN submissions.

Some lovely photos have been posted on the Gallery section. If you click into one of the photos you can view them as a slideshow.

We all wish you a Happy Easter.



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